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In 2011, the UK's Department for Transport (DfT) started to issue datasets for public use under the Open Government License.

Presented here is the latest data on planned roadworks on the Highway Agency's roads, distilled from the data files on this page. You can find information presented by road number, or search by location.

These are the outstanding roadworks from the 28 Oct 2013 data on the site, covering roadworks up to the middle of 2014. I will keep this page updated as new roadworks are posted on the DfT site, which is currently happening fairly regularly.

There are more information sets available, e.g. car parks and cycle routes, that I plan to look at, so please keep coming back for more.


Elkesley (468123 376007)
From 04-11-2013 to 01-09-2015

Construction of new grade seperated junction which will include carriageway closures, lane closures, narrow lanes and speed restrictions, finer details to follow.